Celebrating the individuals who power the classical music world

Celebrating the individuals who power the classical music world


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Gabriel Prokofiev – Final Note Magazine – Photo Frances Marshall
Rediscovering a Legacy: Gabriel Prokofiev

With a bloodline that many musicians would envy, Gabriel Prokofiev came to his career in classical music through a more unorthodox route than expected. We met with the composer in his London home to talk about living up to great expectations, his work in pop music, and his recent album with Signum Records.

Elizabeth Llewellyn – Final Note Magazine
Unstoppable Vision: Elizabeth Llewellyn

After rebooting her vocal training at the age of 35, British soprano, Elizabeth Llewellyn has demonstrated in her career path, a masterclass of progression through a notoriously difficult industry. A decade later, after singing in some of the world’s top opera houses, Llewellyn will be making her sold-out debut at the Metropolitan Opera this month as Bess in Gershwin’s masterpiece Porgy and Bess. In this extensive interview, Elizabeth provides a very clear career map along with her rationale for the placement of each perfectly positioned stepping-stone that has led to her phenomenal success.

Gerald Barry – Final Note Magazine

Gerald Barry’s music has been described as a ‘world with sharp edges’. This not only applies to the notes on the page, but to the characters he creates through completely immersing himself in the story of his operas. Studying with some of the 20th century’s most notorious music leaders, such as Mauricio Kagel and Karlheinz Stockhausen, Barry has unapologetically developed an unmistakable style that the contemporary opera audiences can’t get enough of. Barry met with Final Note Magazine to discuss his process, what shaped his style and his upcoming production of The Intelligence Park with The Royal Opera House.

Nadège Rochat – Final Note Magazine

Generous, selfless, persistent and positive people inspire me in general’ are the words of Swiss Cellist, Nadège Rochat. From looking at her flourishing career and work process you can see that she has not only become her inspiration, but also radiates this mindset from a place of continuous authenticity. Today we discuss Rochat’s practice strategies, what she looks for in a collaborator and her upcoming work with Ilya Gringolts.

Ailyn Pérez – Final Note Magazine

This week we sat down with eminent operatic superstar Ailyn Pérez to get an insight into her unique mindset. In this sincere and enlightening interview, Pérez gives practical advice for competitions, tips for performance days and her views on today’s portrayal of gender roles in opera.

Mark Campbell, librettist – Final Note Magazine

Easily one of the world’s most in-demand librettists, Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Campbell met with Final Note Magazine in advance of his and composer Iain Bell’s upcoming work Stonewall with New York City Opera to discuss the progress of gay rights, the secrets to his writing process and the importance of honouring yourself as an artist.

Kristine Opolais, soprano – Final Note Magazine
The Art of Risk with Kristine Opolais

Known as “haunted and focusedKristine Opolais brings a breath of fresh air to the operatic stage. Her unapologetic performance style and ability to portray herself through her heroines has her comfortably placed as one of the most sought after international sopranos today. In this honest and humble interview with Final Note Magazine, Opolais talks jealousy, risk taking and redefining the idea of an operatic singer.

Chi-chi Nwanoku – Final Note Magazine

Internationally renowned double bass player and Founder, Artistic and Executive Director of the Chineke! Foundation, Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE is tackling the classical music industry’s diversity issues from the top down. Final Note Magazine met with the self-confessed disruptor to discuss her empowering upbringing, how the power of change lies with the gatekeepers of classical music and the upcoming national celebration of the first Stephen Lawrence Day with Chineke! Orchestra at the Southbank Centre.

Edward Gardner – Final Note Magazine interview

Heralded for his ‘delicate precision’ and ability to ‘galvanise symphonies’, Edward Gardner is currently one of the most in demand guest conductors the UK has to offer. While having a fantastic reputation for his performance of the mainstream classical greats, his fearless approach to programming has brought many of the more obscure 20th century composers back to life. We met with Gardner in advance of his Royal Opera House debut in Janácek’s Katya Kabanova, to discuss how to get the orchestra on your side and working with renowned director Richard Jones.

Ermonela Jaho – Final Note Magazine interview

Constantly compared to Callas, Ermonela Jaho is the perfect balance of determination and vulnerability. We met with the Albanian lyric soprano in London, to discuss her upcoming La Traviata at the Royal Opera House and how growing up in a communist state helped her to find her inner stage animal.

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